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Medical Dermatology

Vitiligo: Knowing the signs

Vitiligo is a disease affecting the pigment cells in the skin, causing patches of skin to fade and lighten. The symptoms can appear in one area of the body, or affect many areas at once. The cause of vitiligo remains unknown, although it is generally believed to be an autoimmune condition that causes the body…

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Tinea versicolor: Facts and fundamentals

Tinea versicolor is a fungal infection of the skin that disrupts pigment cells, causing small patches of discolouration to develop. This condition commonly develops in the teenage years, and can also occur in early adulthood. Like other forms of pigmentation, tinea versicolor does not cause physical pain or harm, but it does affect the emotional…

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Hair Loss in Women: Causes & How To Avoid It

Dr Khoza At Work

Hair loss in women does not have to mean the end of the world. Your HAIRitage is every bit as part of you as your personality, history and skin. “When I lost my hair, I was so focused on what I had lost, that I hadn’t necessarily realized what I had gained. I had gained…

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